Skin grafts with NPWT

Skin grafts with NPWT

Researchers saw success using human acellular dermal wound matrix.

In the latest issue of ePlasty (2013;13), research reports successful use of human acellular dermal wound matrix (HADWM) in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) in a patient case series.

Eleven patients with wounds on the trunk or lower extremity were enrolled. After debridement, bioengineered HADWM was applied to each wound. A nonadherent layer and bacitracin were applied before NPWT was initiated continuously at −125 mm Hg for up to two weeks.

The author reports that all patients successfully completed treatment, and that just one (who experienced an infection) had partial graft loss that required re-initiation of the treatment regimen. No other complications were reported.

The outcomes “further [support] published studies documenting HADWM success in chronic wounds,” writes author D. Heath Stacy.

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