Randall D Wolcott

Position document: Management of biofilm

Antimicrobial and multi-drug resistance loom large on the global healthcare landscape, in particular in the treatment of chronic, hard-toheal wounds where current figures put the presence of biofilm in 60%–100% of non-healing wounds. While the role that biofilm play in the chronicity of wounds is...

Infection update

Wounds International clinical updates present recent developments in the field of leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, skin integrity and diabetic foot, including the latest from associations, clinicians and industry. If you use an innovative technique in your practice that you would like us to feature in...

Biofilms Made Easy

This article describes what biofilms are and the important roles they appear to play in disrupting wound healing. In addition, it discusses potential interventions aimed at removing/reducing biofilms and preventing their reformation in wounds.