Dot Weir

Exudate Management Made Easy

Exudate production by open wounds is essential for moist wound healing. However, when wounds produce insufficient or too much exudate, and/or the composition of the exudate is harmful, a wide range of problems can occur that ultimately delay healing, distress patients and consume considerable...

Top tips for wound dressing selection

There are a myriad of dressings available to manage chronic wounds and, as a result, it can be quite daunting for the clinician to make a decision as to the ‘best’ dressing for a given wound at a given time. Understanding the basic principles of wound management and coupling that with knowledge...

Exudate management Made Easy

This document builds on the principles presented in the document Wound exudate and the role of dressings[1], and focuses on how a rigorous approach to exudate management can improve patient quality of life, promote healing and enhance healthcare effectiveness.